ICS premise based solution provides a simple, reliable, and affordable leading edge voice communications system for your office from premise based servers. This is more of the traditional premise based phone system. It can accommodate SIP, PRI, and analog lines trunkingICS can provide SIP Trunks with Unlimited Local and Long Distance to US and Canada. It provides service to either traditional digital telephone handsets, VOIP telephones handsets or both.      

Great for situations where the data network is not the most accommodating or requires extensive upgrades to accommodate voice. This system supports from 10 users to 10,000 users.

Main Feature List

-Auto Attendant 

-Voicemail for all users 

-Voicemail to Email 

-Call Recording 

-ACD Contact Center 


-Call Park 

-Phone to phone paging 

-Phone Intercom 

-Hunt Groups 

-Call Pickup 

-Call Forward  

Please call or email for more information.



-Call Forward No answer 

-Mobile Smart phone App 

-Find me follow me 

-Route calls based on caller ID 

-Call Forward Busy 

-Call Detail Record Reports 

-Caller ID Number and Name 

-Do Not Disturb 


-IP, Digital, Wireless telephone sets 

-Unlimited local and long distance 

-Web based faxing