In July of 2015 we created ICS Cyber Mangement to develop an easy and affordable program to address the entire range of compliance concerns.  We started with a simple question: What does it take to provide a complete and acceptable assessment and to achieve and maintain audit readiness?

A true assessment requires complete technology infrastructure design documentation and a security analysis as the basis for all other steps to reach an audit ready status. A qualified third party technical analyst should evaluate the data gathered as well as the policy and procedure documentation to assess whether these policies and procedures are in use as the standard operating procedures. Finally an archive is needed: storing full electronic documentation of the technical data, required policies and procedures, training certifications, breach plan, and ongoing measures to ensure privacy are required.

The ICS Cyber process provides a complete assessment and a complete set of documentation that establishes audit readiness for the client. We provide continuous documentation management to assure that the client remains Audit Ready All The Time!

With the introduction of our Breach Monitoring system INSIDE|OUT, we now offer a unified security and alerting solution! This software continually monitors your network and when triggered alerts you isolate and contain the threat. Combined with our Network Enforcer module, we now offer the ability to automatically contain the zero day machine!

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