How we are different

Many of the issue present by VOIP sharing the data network have to do the network quality. Whether you are experiencing Internet problems, local network problems, or firewall issues, we can solve your most complicated problems. We begin by sending new customers a specialized app to run, that tests for potential issues. Issues are addressed before service is installed in order to inform you of your needs in a holistic manner. We can also use this as a troubleshooting tool to correct problems that might arise in the future as part of ICS ongoing support.

ICS provides top-notch help desk support. We work to resolve issues in a timely manner. We work to identify patterns for long-term solutions We also provide web portal access so customers can get 24-hour help.

Ongoing support is critical to your business. The nature of VOIP evolves and the nature of most clients business evolves. What’s available today will be more advanced one year from now. Business requirements are constantly changing. IT is never static and should be able to change as you change. ICS wants to be your trusted long-term VOIP provider.

ICS has techs that can come on site to provide network, internet, firewall, cabling support as needed. Most Cloud VOIP providers don’t provide that level of service.