ICS understands that the best way to provide our clients with solutions is through active listening. We take the time to discuss your current situation and explore your specific needs and wants. We also discuss plans for the future to ensure that our solution will be scalable.

As we formulate our recommended solution we strive to reduce operational costs, maximize efficiencies, increase profitability, enhance customer service, and improve security. Our solutions detail the ROI for the project so the client can make an educated business decision easily. ICS has relationships with multiple equipment providers and carriers to provide the best technical solution at the most competitive price.

The final recommended solution by ICS is project managed from cradle to grave. We provide a detailed plan of how we will manage the project and all the parties/vendors involved with time frames and expectations to ensure the project is completed within the stated time frames. We will provide on-going client support during and at the conclusion of the project to the degree the client desires.


We provide services to assist you in simplifying your overall communication needs.

  • Network Design Engineering
  • Professional Services  Implementation
  • Managed Services Voice, Data & Video
  • Equipment Procurement
  • System Integration
  • VOIP Telephone
  • SIP Communication Management
  • Carrier
  • Co-Location


At ICS we utilize various products from our partners so we can formulate the best solution at the most affordable price points. We continually explore offerings from various providers to ensure we provide the best products to meet our client’s needs.

  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Switches
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • Video Conferencing Equipment
  • Data Center
  • Wireless


ICS maintains various partnerships with providers and manufacturers of IT equipment. Through our partnerships, we are able to guarantee quality hardware, provide resources for repair or maintenance, and serve as the middleman between the vendor and you.

Our partners include vmware, Cisco, Digium, Adtran, NEC, Allworx and more of the best providers of high-quality solutions.


To be efficient, you need to be strategic. Each business has its own goals and your network should be built with those goals in mind. It’s part of our mission of efficiency to develop the most strategic, robust IT solutions that solve particular problems, all while maximizing your savings.


There’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting. Because in-person meetings aren’t always possible, video conferencing still gives you the opportunity to connect with customers or other branches of your business.


Successfully operating and maintaining a network requires timely action to provide critical configuration changes and preventative and emergency support. ICS provides the specialized skill sets required to implement these network repairs and system upgrades. ICS works with your existing IT support team as part of that team to quickly augment in house capabilities with our experienced staff. Your network infrastructure supports all of your communication technologies, data, voice, and video. Communication is one of the most important business tools for any company. The network infrastructure is the highway for all of these communication technologies. ICS will build that highway and maintain it to keep business communication operating as designed.

Our keys to providing such a high level of support starts with the experts on staff and providing the tools to securely manage the network for any size organization. It all begins with a high level of performance for the data network. Performance management is the key to successful operation of any voice-over-IP solution, video conference solution, and is key to the performance of all other software application or database. ICS will guide your organization from design through implementation and provide support services as desired for your organization.