Server & Storage Maintenance

SMS Saves Our Customers Money, Everyday.

Since 1981, SMS has delivered superior third party multi-vendor maintenance for most major IT OEMs like IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, Dell, and Cisco Systems. In addition, we support a wide variety of storage products made by EMC, Hitachi, and a variety of Hitachi branded storage. SMS has many reference clients in vertical industries including, but not limited to, Financial services, banking, international banking, and insurance. Healthcare, health sciences and hospitals, retail and online retail, higher education, colleges and universities. SMS Service Centers are strategically located throughout the world, in order to give you responsive, nationwide, and local coverage.

SMS engineers and consultants are W2 employees, “system smart,” and manufacturer trained. They combine hardware and software skills to troubleshoot problems quickly and maximize uptime.

  • Maintenance Support Services

  • SMS employs local engineers, stocks local spares, and has a service center near you. Economical support plans are designed to meet your needs. Service call windows can vary from 7x24x365 2-hour response to Monday-Friday, 8a.m. to 5 p.m. next-day coverage. You determine what each system and/or location needs.

  • Data Center Services

  • Our field engineers deliver a number of common IT services such as equipment installation, equipment moves, and asset inventory and service contract reconciliation.

  • Professional Services

  • Our professional services consultants offer you skills that are rarely available in-house. These skills are highly specialized and demand high proficiency, though they may not be needed on a day-to-day basis.

    We can help you administer your systems and SAN.

    We can help you troubleshoot your network.

  • Asset Disposition

  • IT asset decommissioning is a huge problem that plagues IT operations managers. The problem is aggravated by security, data sensitivity, recycling restrictions and the seemingly endless environmental regulations. These problems associated with the asset life-cycle have been addressed by the SMS ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) program.

  • Asset Management

  • SMS developed singlePoints to manage your data center assets by using a secure web based portal. SinglePoints succeeds because SMS shares in the management of the data in order to guarantee your SLAs are being monitored. SMS managed services let you place a single call to the SMS call center, regardless of who delivers the maintenance for the device, and a dispatch will take place.

  • Maintenance Management

  • Consolidating multiple service level agreements across multiple manufacturers into a single dashboard and integrated reporting tool is a huge problem.

    SMS provides you with a single number to call for all your IT support needs, regardless of the provider delivering the maintenance while consolidating all of your asset reporting and tracking requirements into a single, secure, web based portal.

  • Maintenance Integration

  • SMS created a service that integrates the multi-vendor support environment by:

    • Supporting a wide variety of manufacturers.
    • Blending a broad range of service levels.
    • Providing a single point of contact.
    • Consolidating your SLA reporting and service contracts into a single hosted solution.

    We used the secure, web based portal, singlePoint to integrate these services.