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Fax and Document Distribution Group

Reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and ensure compliance with automated and secure information exchange—on premise or in the cloud

Organizations of all sizes generate a high volume of transactional documents. These documents form the basis for interactions with customers and suppliers, dictate business cycles, and can determine profitability or failure. It’s critical to efficiently and cost-effectively share your documents with customers and suppliers in a timely and reliable manner. Production fax and electronic document distribution solutions can enhance efficiencies in your processes and systems, reducing costs and improving response times to drive effective business performance.

The OpenText Fax and Document Distribution Group delivers market-leading document exchange solutions for businesses ranging from the smallest offices to the largest enterprises. We help increase employee productivity and reduce paper, telephony and hardware costs by integrating fax into your front-office, back office and desktop applications. In addition, our solutions help to address security and compliance requirements.


OpenText Fax Products

Increase employee productivity and reduce expensive paper, telephony, and hardware costs by integrating fax into your front-office, back-office, and desktop applications.

Simplify and meet document distribution objectives with a rich, scalable, and fully integrated hosted RightFax system.

Realize immediate savings on paper and paper-related supplies while enabling your workforce to focus on tasks more valuable than manual faxing with this all-in-one network fax

Easily capture, route, locate, retrieve, retain, and dispose of business-critical communications and records with a digital file cabinet.