ICS Data Center Services

ICS has partnered with Business Continuity Resources (BCR) to provide both Domestic and International Colocation Services. We combine reliable technology-based solutions and give your business a competitive edge. BCR Data Centersare pleased to offer over 200,000 sq. feet of data center space within eleven facilities within the United States. BCR’s facilities provide cost effective, scalable data centers solutions to customers who need a rack, a cabinet or up to several thousand sq. feet of private space. Whatever your requirements, BCR’s Data Centers ranging from tier 1 to tier 3 designs can accommodate your infrastructure requirements, while keeping costs in line. As your IT requirements become more complex and require more electrical power, BCR’s facilities will allow for flexible high power requirements infrastructure designs, not typical of what the traditional wholesale and retail collocation facilities have to offer. You shouldn’t let high wattage per sq. feet discourage your IT needs, rely on BCR to accommodate those “out of the box” designs.