ADTRAN developed the NetVanta family of access routers to provide you with a wealth of affordable, diverse networking solutions that meet the need for secure, cost-effective Internet access and multisite business connectivity. Our portfolio of NetVanta Multiservice, Modular, and Fixed-port Routers is perfect for deployment in branch offices or in multi-site networks for applications ranging from bandwidth expansion and VoIP to point-to-point connectivity, MPLS networking, VPN, ADSL and Ethernet access.

Our access routers support for next-generation technologies such as Carrier Ethernet and 3G wireless and a differentiating set of ease-of-use, management, security, and troubleshooting features like Voice Quality Monitoring. With the broadest line of routing products on the market for Small and Medium Business networks and diverse enterprise offices, NetVanta access routers offer value-driven products you can count on.

What router is right for you? View the NetVanta Router Comparison Matrix to determine which router will meet your specific needs.

  • Multiservice Access Routers

  • Performance-enhanced, access routers with integral Ethernet switch delivering high-packet throughput required for IP Telephony, corporate connectivity, and Internet access.

  • Modular Access Routers

    Modular Access Router offering multiple three, six, or eight interface slots, one or two Ethernet LAN ports for higher-bandwidth applications supporting up to eight T1s or dual DS3s, depending on the.

  • Fixed-port Access Routers

  • Full-featured, fixed-port access routers perfect for secure Internet access or high-speed corporate connectivity using ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ broadband access.