About Us

When did IT companies forget technology’s purpose is to make life less complicated?

Simplifying our client’s work is a primary function of our business model. At ICS, simplification of technology integration and operation and the cost savings that result is how we measure success. Our goal is to remove the headaches that our client’s have with the integration and support of their technology systems. It takes years of experience combined with detailed product knowledge to achieve the levels of efficiency that produce successful results. We are committed to continually improving the clients’ experience.

Our experience spans many years and many industries – education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, insurance, legal, publishing, hospitality, municipal and county governments, and technology clients. We are not tied to any one industry or organization size. This experience provides our clients with the best practice solutions from across all industries and organizations. No two businesses experience the same IT challenges and business drivers. Some clients require very simple solutions to produce big results while others require much more complex solutions. ICS provides solutions to best meet the specific clients’ operational and financial needs.

Experience and the ability to choose from all leading products in the technology industry make ICS an easy choice when technology systems integration and cost savings are required.